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Staying Safe With Your Baby In The Vehicle

Travelling regularly with a baby in tow is going to be a given as a new parent. This can be as easy or as difficult as you want it to be, depending on how you prepare. It’s important to follow certain steps to ensure your baby is happy but most importantly, your vehicle is safe for the little one to travel in. Let’s take a look at some things that need to be done before you put your baby in a car.

Making Sure Your Vehicle Is In Good Condition

 Your car should be in good working order before you even think of putting your baby in it and driving around. You should make sure all your car checks are up to date and there is nothing wrong with the vehicle that could cause something bad to happen. In addition to this, there are some basic things you should do as a car owner when travelling with a baby. Be sure to check the tire pressure and change the oil, these help to make sure your vehicle is safe which is vital when driving with an infant.

It is impossible to be completely safe when driving as you cannot predict the way other drivers will act. Check out post for some general tips how to act if you have been in an auto accident.

Having A Proper Car Seat

It is law to make sure your baby is travelling in a car seat that is right for their age and that they are fitted into it correctly. In fact, also promoted by professionals like Munley Lawyers Alabama personal injury lawyers. Buying a high quality car seat is something you must do even before your baby is born so you can fit it securely and get him/her home safely from the hospital. Rear facing car seats are recommended for babies under 1 to maximize their safety, so please keep this in mind when purchasing your product. Also check reviews online so that you can find the best quality item, a car seat is really an item that you shouldn’t try to save money on when buying for baby.

Feeding Baby Before You Set Off 

If you have other children, you will know that going anywhere can sometimes feel like a military operation. Timing is EVERYTHING and if you get it right, you and your baby are guaranteed a much more enjoyable car journey. Feed your baby right before you set off, especially if you are travelling a long way. You can even go one step further and start travelling after your baby has enjoyed a nap because he/she is likely to be in a much better mood. A full tummy, a clean diaper and a well-rested little one is key for getting them in a good mood before you travel.

Have Supplies For Baby

 Your changing bag should become your new best friend as a new parent especially when you are travelling. Always keep it with you and make sure it’s stocked up with everything you need for your baby. You will need things like diapers, pacifiers, bottles, milk, blankets and toys if your baby is a little older. Having practical things in place for your little one is important but you also need to make sure they don’t get bored.

Entertain The Little One

If you are travelling with another person who can sit in the back of the car with your baby, that’s awesome. That person can play with them whether that be through toys, talking to them or just making silly faces. If you are travelling alone with baby this will be more difficult, so break up your journey so it is less boring for them. Stop off in a cafe or even a play area where the baby can get a change of scenery and let off some steam.


Now that you know everything you need to know for travelling with a baby, it’s time to hit the road! You baby’s safety is the most important thing when you are taking them in a vehicle, so be sure to change the oil and check the tire pressure, even if you are just on a short journey. In addition to the more practical tasks  and changing the car seats, get to know your little ones routine so that you can ensure the most relaxed travelling experience possible. As you get used to your babies habits as they grow, hopefully this will become easier for you and you can have lots of fun journies together. Are you looking for a legal representative to fight your case in the court? Then choose Miami personal injury attorney to your rescue in legal matters.

Author  Bio

Stella Grant, The Ladan Law Firm

My name is Stella Grant . I am the founder of . Automotive is my passion, and I’m looking forward to sharing it with everyone.

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Conception Battles- The Untold Story Part 3

A guest post by K.C. Ott

Your six month prescription from the doctor is coming to an end, as is every hope of ever having a baby. You were certain your doctor would be able to fulfill your dream. As you sit in her office and wait to discuss how your body has failed you, the doctor walks in greeting you with yet another smile. “How can the bitch smile,” you wonder. It’s taking every ounce of strength to not let the faucet of tears turn on. The appointment was scheduled to discuss further options, yet at this point you’re ready to give up. Who the hell wants a baby anyways? Someone to wake you up every three hours to eat in the middle of the night, someone to take care of changing shitty diapers, someone to spend every extra dollar made on, someone to love. Damning your brain that it took you there, you try to come back to earth. That’s all you want is a baby to love. The doctor recommends a fertility specialist, “You mean making a baby in a petri dish and turkey basting it into me,” you ask. Straight faced the doctor replies, “Not quite like that….lets set up the appointment.”

Two weeks later you find yourself, with your husband, in the specialist’s office. Fancy awards, degrees and certifications plaster his office walls, not to mention the thousands of baby pictures staring at you. For fuck sake, if all the baby pictures don’t make you want to off yourself nothing will. Your husband squeezes your hand and flashes you a nervous smile. A small, round man with hair that appears to resemble a toupee walks in and sits down. He reviews your history, previous medications you’ve tried, and starts implementing a game plan. This game plan is no longer for amateurs; he’s taking it straight to the fucking big leagues. Talking daily ultrasounds, weekly blood work, injectable medications, and signing waivers…in case of…multiples! He’s not just talking twins either, he’s throwing out triplets and a quadruplet like it’s no big deal. You want to stop him and tell him not to get too carried away but then remember he’s done this before. Then he discusses further risks: ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome, ovarian torsion or rupture, ectopic pregnancy. The list doesn’t scare you; he doesn’t realize you’re at the point of selling your soul for a baby! God damn it, all you want is a BABY! As you sign the waivers he explains he’ll be in frequent touch via telephone when your “numbers reach where they need to be”. And if necessary, taking the next step and trying to do IVF (In Vitro Fertilization).

Your husband and you head to the pharmacy with your stack of prescriptions. Ovulation test kits, pregnancy tests, medications, needles, and Aunt Flow supplies, just in case. But that bitch better not show face! After hearing the total of everything your husband damn near passes out. When getting into the car he finally loses it, “What the fuck….you just spent half of our mortgage on this shit!” He rants on, “…none of this is covered by insurance, remember the ultrasounds cost too, and for what,” smacking the driving wheel, “for fucking NOTHING!” He realizes what he has said but it’s too late as you lose it yourself and burst into tears. “Do you think I chose this fucking life!?” The drive home one could hear a pin drop, and when you arrive home you lock yourself away in your room with your crayons, calendar and a box of Kleenex. There won’t be a baby making session tonight, you’re only burying your face in your pillow to hide the sobs.

A month after being on the medications and no success, you begin to realize how pathetic you’ve let life become. Dragging your husband to the hospital at five in the morning daily for the ultra-sonographer to give you the same disappointing answer, running home from work to be precisely on time to stab yourself with injections at six in the evening, having sex every other day like it’s a second job, and screaming matches with someone, even plants, due to the medications making you a raging lunatic. Your husband used to think you’re fun, now you’re almost positive he thinks you’re a psychotic bitch.

Another month passes, and another one. It’s amazing your husband hasn’t served you divorce papers yet. Or that you haven’t filed bankruptcy as you continue to dwindle your savings to a frightening amount. To make it even worse, the doctor calls to explain to you that you’re not an IVF candidate to possibly start considering adoption. However, he wants you to continue the regime because there is still a “chance”. A fucking chance!!!
You’ve given up all hope, sobbing on a daily basis as you see babies everywhere. When friends call to announce their happy news you hang up immediately because you can no longer pretend to be excited for them. Besides they’re all whores, how else could one be impregnated so easily?

The fourth months’ end rolls around and you pull out the infamous stick to piss on. With expectations in the gutter you do your part and set it on the bathroom counter. Five minutes later, you come back to throw it away. What.The.Fuck!? Shining like a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, two lines! This is some sort of sick fucking joke, it has to be, you think. Nonetheless you can’t contain your elation! Squealing like a pig being slaughtered so loudly your husband hears you from outside. Running in he finds you in a heaping mess. Smiling, crying, babbling like a baby and jumping around. He’s certain he’s going to be taking you to the closest psychiatric hospital. “This bitch has damn near lost it,” he thinks. He sees it at the same moment you wave it in his face and jump into his arms. Barely understanding you, he grabs your hand to hold it still to see and finally grasps what all the commotion is about. Two lines. “You’re going to be a daddy,” you cry, “I’m pregnant.”

Wrapping into each other’s arms, as you both laugh until you cry. Finally everything seems worth it: the fights, tears, appointments, thousands of dollars spent, disappointment, and heartache. It all Untitled design-2instantly seems part of the past as you can now look forward to the future. Everything you’ve ever wanted you now carry inside of you. Within nine months you’ll be holding your only dream, a baby. “What could be more perfect than God’s precious gift,” you wonder. Then you answer yourself, “absolutely nothing.”

Conception Battles- The Untold Story Part 2

A guest post by K.C. Ott

Several months have passed and still no baby. Not even a baby in sight; nothing growing in your conceptionpart2womb, just an empty heart and defeated soul. It’s time to start taking matters into your own hands, swallowing your pride you schedule an appointment with your OB provider. If anyone can work magic it has to be her. After all, she catches babies on a daily basis and helps families grow, she has to be capable of providing you with the same happiness.

The day of the visit comes and you’ve already done your research and spoken with different friends for their suggestions. Hell, Web MD has bestowed enough knowledge in you that you feel competent enough to tell the doctor exactly what you need. Yet, if you did know what you needed you wouldn’t be sitting where you’re at. Clad in a hospital gown with your feet in the stirrups letting all lady parts hang out you try to patiently wait for the doctor to come in. Thoughts of your bikini shave run thru your head as you listen to the clock tick. “What the hell is taking so long?” you wonder, “Doesn’t she know I’m here because I desperately need her help to make a baby.” The doctor finally comes in and greets you with a giant smile, if only you could address her the same. Before she can even get the first sentence of “What seems to be….(wrong)” you instantly break down in gut wrenching sobs. “I can’t….I can’t….,” luckily she has already read the notes. After consoling you, she pulls out that damn speculum everyone loves to inspect your insides. Not noticing anything out of the ordinary the doctor starts discussing a treatment plan of a couple medications. Giving you full details and instructions of each med, when to take them and the expected side effects and realistic expectations. “Hand me the damn prescriptions so I can run out of here,” you think. As she talks further in depth your head drifts off into baby land and how cute your unborn child is going to be.

Running out of the physician’s office you drive directly to the pharmacy to get your stock of baby goodies. Medications, ovulation test kits, and pregnancy tests in hand you feel fully equipped to make this baby thing happen. The idea of starving for the week only crosses your mind for a split second as your bill totals your weekly grocery budget. Now, to get home and start taking the meds, set up your game plan and hop on the husband. Hope is restored, that bitch Aunt Flow is going to be sent packing!

The color coded calendar that appears on the fridge month after month has now gained symbols for each medication. You sit your husband down, pacing in front of him and instruct him of his duties like a drill sergeant , placing him on restrictions of when and where he can get off. He sure as hell better not consider masturbating! You follow him around like a private eye, sneaking into the bathroom to make sure he’s not wasting your baby batter down the drain during one of his hot showers. His ass will be grass as you’ve already explained to him that the doctor informed you how sperm count can be affected by too much or too little sex.

This is the seventh month of trying, medications in full swing. Intercourse is now a job, losing all spontaneity. He is no longer allowed to choose a position. It’s simple, he is to be on top, drop his load as you happily take his deposit and be done. You really don’t care if he enjoys the sex, just as long as he gets off and gives you what you want….a baby.

Unquestionably so, he doesn’t end up giving you what you want though he tried, as you find a murder scene in your underwear weeks later. The feeling of despair revisits as you remind yourself the doctor said the medications may take a few months to actually work. So again, you chug along with the same monthly routine as the month’s past continuing to repeat to yourself that God has a plan as you waive your morals bargaining with the Devil.

A couple more months pass and you begin to realize you’ve been at this as long as it takes to make and have a baby. Cursing your uterus to get her shit together. As you struggle with the emotions flooding in the phone rings and its your best friend telling you she just welcomed her healthy baby girl and wants you to come visit. What a fucking bitch! She’s your best friend so reluctantly you pay her the deserved visit. She knows you well enough that even though you’re smiling when you walk through her hospital door there’s a thousand tears hiding behind it. She offers the baby for you to snuggle. Tears burst out of your eyes like a waterfall as you try to give her a congratulatory hug. The hug becomes a grasp of truth, this may never be you. She lets you cuddle the baby as long as you choose, your husband having to drag you out of the hospital. Wanting to cling to the doors, “This should be me…”

Back home you find your paperwork as you know your time is ticking. The doctor gave you a six months prescription and you’re down to only three months left. “I better make this count….”

Stay tuned for part 3 of Conception Battles- The Untold Story

Conception Battles- The Untold Story (Part 1)

A Guest Post by K.C.Ott

When a woman decides she’s ready to have a baby it engulfs her entire being; by body, heart and soul. She becomes crazed and infatuated with the idea of the “perfect family”. Planning and fine tuning every detail of pregnancy and life after baby. Most women start out thinking “all we gotta do is have sex during ovulation”, with the unrealistic impression conception will happen miraculously within the first month of trying. The journey of baby making begins with this first month of ignorance.

The first month is all fun, not really paying attention to time or details. Your husband is oblivious to Conceptionthe time of the month and has a mindset of he’s just getting lucky, often. The thought of a baby and conception is buried in the back of your mind during intercourse and you’re enjoying every minute…right to the big O! Days after expecting Aunt Flow to show up you get filled with excitement thinking you’re pregnant, only to discover the bitch is late again, with the white sticking displaying a negative sign for confirmation. Everyone else makes it look easy, so you figure it was just a glitch.

The true life story of baby making and conception starts. It’s a hell of a lot harder than most believe. The simplicity of dropping your panties and climbing into bed with your husband for a passionate baby making session suddenly disappears.

The following month a game plan is instituted. A color coded calendar appears on the fridge; red days for the damn bitch who ruined your plan last month, purple for when you are suppose to ovulate, and bright flaming orange to indicate the nights your husband is suppose to be readily available to suit up (or should we say not suit up). The calendar quickly becomes scribbles of “X” marks while counting down the days to the orange. The orange days arrive and its game time. After sex you dare not move, folding yourself up with your feet above your head. Surely this is going to help those swimmers move in the right direction to where they are suppose to go, and you dare not let one drop go wasted onto the bed or into the toilet. As you squander time with your feet up playing on your cell phone or reading. Your husband leaves the bed, and yet you don’t care about the after snuggles. He dropped his load and frankly, that’s all you wanted from him. It wasn’t about him, it wasn’t about the snuggles, it was about the baby….the baby.

Every tummy cramp, nipple pain, spot of “is that blood” (implantation bleeding) in your panties takes your mind directly to believing your body is working on making that baby you have long hoped for. The wait and anticipation of making it to the day you can test is excruciating. That white stick is certainly going to have a positive signed after all of the month’s well thought out antics. You think positive and go out of your way for others, because surely your body is going to take karma into consideration before it exfoliates your insides for the montly regime. This month you can’t even wait until Aunt Flow arrives, you figure “the bitch better have packed her vacation bags for the next 9 months”, pissing on the stick four days early because it says you can. The three minute wait feels like an eternity and to not jinx it you walk away trying not to look. “If I don’t look it will be positive….my Grandma always said a watched pot never boils.” A negative. You try reasoning with yourself that its only negative because its too early, it could be a false negative, telling yourself “I may still be pregnant.” The next morning you wake up to find a massacre has occurred in your panties while you slept, fucking whore didn’t pack her bags after all and Aunt Flow has arrived in full force. Damn it!! Maybe next month….

The third month becomes even more strategically planned than the previous two. You take it upon yourself to note every single change in your body. Checking your basal body temperature before even lifting your head up off your pillow in the morning, sticking your fingers in the goo of vaginal discharge to note the texture, and even monitoring what your husband is eating, drinking and doing with every breath. Lord knows that he could be the one fucking this up. And he thought PMS was bad! He falls asleep on a night that you are suppose to have sex, and hell will freeze over before you left him get away with it. You stop at nothing, waking his ass up and even threatening rape if he dares not perform. He curses you all while calling you a crazy psycho bitch but indeed does his job and rolls over back to sleep. You throw those feet up over your head one more time, load happily received and drift off into dreams of babies.

Yet again the day comes and your wish doesn’t come true. Aunt Flow wins again. So this is real life? “Why didn’t I get pregnant?” you wonder, “we did everything right, right?” You quickly resort to feelings of hopelessness, disgust, anger, rage and hurt. The stress takes a toll on your marriage as you blame yourself, then him, then yourself again for not succeeding. The damn bitch from high school just posted on Facebook: “Whoops…it was an accident but Ed and I are expecting a baby!!” You curse and swear, throwing objects at the wall….how the fuck did she “accidentally” get pregnant. Struggling with you own emotions you can’t help but wish awful things upon her at the time of your enragement and frustration. Making matters worse the neighbor is due any day and you’ve already contemplated kidnapping the child so she can feel your pain.

And so it goes, as life swirls upon you, everyone else getting knocked up while you wallow in sorrow and desparation. You feel like you’re the only one. It seems when you want something most everyone else can achieve it but yourself. The small amount of hope in one day smelling the sweet newborn scent and cuddling God’s most precious gift keeps you trucking along month after month. You grab the calendar and your crayons heading to the desk to prepare for the next month….

Stay Tuned for “Conception Battles: The Untold Story Part 2”  Coming Soon

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Cars Are Big and I Am Small- A book to teach kids safety around vehicles

Our mission at Parking Pal Magnet is to keep kids safer around vehicles.  So it only made sense for our next product to be a book.  PP-Book-Ad-RevisedBut not just any book.  We wanted one that was fun, colorful, has awesome illustrations AND will teach your young child safety around vehicles.  Taking a few minutes to read this to your child could actually save their life! As a mom of 3 boys, I know first hand how stressful parking lots can be.  A tragedy can happen in an instant.  We want to help make running errands with your kiddos a little less stressful.  We have a book/magnet combo pack for only $12.99. Stop by and check out all our fun magnet designs. book magnet combo #4

New Magnet Design for the Construction Lover!

Coming Soon….our construction design magnet.  You asked for it and we listened.  So many kids are big truck, bull dozing, construction loving fanatics.  Now we have the perfect design!!  Our first shipment will be available the beginning of November!

Jpeg of construction

We are discontinuing our Monster design.  There are a handful left, but once they are sold out, we won’t be reordering more.  If you want a monster design, now is the time to get it.




Don’t Miss the Bus! 4 Tips to Make Your Morning Better

By Guest Blogger Rebecca Rescate

Let’s be real parents. Getting the kids out the door during the school year can be chaotic. At some point we all fall into a routine of raising our voices and frantically rushing. It’s time to tame the madness. Use our four time-tested tips to keep morning mayhem to a minimum.

TIP 1 – Prep the Day Beforehand
When your child gets home from school have them prepare for the following day right away. Provide bus #2your child a simple list of three things they need to do such as pack their lunch, prep their school bag, pick out the next day’s outfit, etc. before allowing them to swing into their evening routine or veg out.

Having your child to get ready for school a day in advance teaches them important lessons in preparedness, priority setting and time management. It also relieves you of the stress and responsibility of doing these things for them at the last minute when they are running late.

TIP 2 – Time Block the Morning
Time blocking is a time-management technique of reserving a segment of time in your day for a certain task. Used by top executives, this technique can be taught to children as young as five.

Review your child’s morning routine and block tasks into bite-size time chunks of 15 minutes. For example, my children’s morning routine takes 45 minutes and they have 15 minutes to get through each set of tasks.
Time Block 1 (15 Minutes) – Get dressed, brush your teeth & hair, make your bed
Time Block 2 (15 Minutes) – Eat breakfast
Time Block 3 (15 Minutes) – Put on shoes, jacket and backpack and go to bus stop
TOTAL – 45 Minutes

(You can always call Delaney Park Dental for any emergency in dental services).

Time-blocking helps children see large tasks as less overwhelming and teaches them to be mindful of time throughout tasks instead of rushing at the end.

TIP 3 – Shift the Clock
It’s time to throw out the credo “never wake a sleeping baby”. Kids look adorable when they are sleeping but don’t let that convince you to give your child 5-10 more minutes of shut-eye and put off the inevitable. Those minutes are the difference between you having a peaceful morning routine or pulling your hair out as they sprint for the bus. If 5-10 minutes of additional sleep are what your childs needs, let it be a sign to shift their bedtime earlier rather than throwing your morning into chaos. But that’s not all, as your child might be getting aggravated by the neighbour dog’s constant yowling, and losing sleep because of that. If you were to click here, you’d know that using an acoustical sealant can lessen the noise by a large degree.

TIP – Morning Priorities Come First
One habit of highly successful people is they do the painful tasks first. If you allow your child to watch TV or play video games in the morning and then scramble at the last minute to get ready for school you are encouraging and teaching them to procrastinate. Set the stage that your child has to be prepared and ready for school before they can kick back. They won’t thank you today but they will when they are in their twenties.

About Rebecca Rescate
Rebecca Rescate is a three-time business owner and mother of three children ages 8, 6 & 5. With her latest venture 3·Purpose Inc., Rescate is pioneering a new category of products, visual products for creative minds.

Tips for Improved Work-Life Balance

By Guest Blogger Rebecca Rescate

A healthy work-life balance is achieved when we are mindful of our priorities and time down to the minute. As we enter into October, National Work and Family Month, it is the perfect time to reflect on how we all can achieve a healthier work-life balance. Read our top five tips below to help you strike a better balance in your life.


TIP 1 – Stick to your Priorities.
On a daily basis we take part in high priority and low priority tasks. High priority tasks add great value to our lives and are typically things such as family, work, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, etc. Low priorities add little value to our lives and are typically things such as watching TV, socializing, commuting, etc.
With only 24 hours in a day, it is important to focus the better part of every day on high priority tasks. Reflect on what your top three priorities are this year and write them down. Before you begin a new task categorize it as high or low priority. If your task is not of high priority, consider limiting the time you spend on this task or eliminating it from your schedule altogether.

TIP 2 – Schedule your Week in Advance
Scheduling your week in advance is an essential part of having a healthy work-life balance. Doing so allows you time to visualize your week before it begins, to time block important high priority work into your schedule and to eliminate time wasted between tasks normally spent on planning what to do next.

Taking this high level view of your week not only allows you to be more efficient, it also allows you the opportunity to set aside essential down time for yourself weekly as a reward for your hard work.

TIP 3 – Eliminate the ‘Big Three’ Time Wasters
It is easier to achieve a healthy work-life balance if your days are focused on activities that add value to you. Americans spend on average over 6 hours per day on social media (3.2 hours), watching TV (2.8 hours), and socializing with coworkers (.75 hours). Eliminating these time wasters free your mind and schedule for higher value activities.

TIP 4 – Streamline your Day-to-Day Tasks
Every minute is just as valuable as the last. It is not possible to eliminate every low priority task from your schedule but by streamlining everyday tasks and saving yourself just 15 minutes a day, you can free up 91.25 hours every year!

Where can you save time? Instead of waiting for coffee to brew, set it to auto-brew in advance (time saved – 5 minutes a day). Shorten your beauty routine to 20-minutes (time saved – 30 minutes a day). Double batch your dinner and freeze ½ of it as a meal for another day (time saved – 30 minutes per meal).

TIP 5 – Use Parkinson’s Law to Your Advantage
Parkinson’s law is the adage that work expands to fill the time available for its completion. If you give yourself a day to complete a task, it invariably will take a day to complete. Begin expecting more of yourself in less time from your morning email check to finishing a week-long project in less time.

About National Work and Family Month
National Work and Family Month was created in 2003 to celebrate the progress of employers reducing work-life conflict for employees and creating healthier and more flexible work environments.

About Rebecca Rescate
Rebecca Rescate is a three-time business owner and mother of three children ages 8, 6 & 5. With her latest venture 3·Purpose Inc. Rescate is pioneering a new category of products, visual stationary for creative minds.

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8 Practical Beach Must Haves For Mom, Dad, and Kids

8 Beach Must Haves

If you’re heading to the beach this summer with the family, keep everyone safe and protected so you can enjoy the day. Summertime means trips to the beach and pool where the whole family can relax and soak up the sun. It’s also important to be aware of the dangers that are associated with trips to the beach and staying outdoors all day. There are several products you can pack with you that are practical for the beach and will become your go-to items for family outings this summer. Denise Whitney, mom inventor of the Parking Pal magnet, shares her favorite beach must haves for the whole family.

1. Noblo

The Noblo Umbrella Buddy is a practical, problem-solving product that anchors umbrellas for safety and sun protection. Invented by two moms to stop fly away beach umbrellas (and the injuries that can result from this), Noblo is a simple to use beach umbrella anchor. Three easy steps: 1) Fill Noblo with sand, 2) velcro to beach umbrella, and 3) relax at the beach. Noblo will take care of your beach umbrella.



2. Parking Pal

Parking lots are dangerous and it only takes a few seconds for a tragedy to occur; keep your kids safe with the Parking Pal. The Parking Pal is designed to be placed on the side of your vehicle, where it will remain safely attached at all times. While in a parking lot, children place one hand on their Parking Pal creating a safe spot. It was specifically created with bright colors, playful illustrations, and a small palm children love to place their hands on. After a couple learning sessions, your child will discover that the Parking Pal is their safe spot, and they will know where to go the second they are outside the car. It also helps teach them that parking lots are no place to play.


4 (1)

3. Simple Sarongs

A Simple Sarong is a swimsuit cover-up for women of all ages looking for a practical cover-up that makes them feel gorgeous. A Simple Sarong is made from a custom-woven beach towel that is lightweight and quick drying, yet luxuriously soft. With clever placement of buttons and buttonholes along one length of the towel, it easily adjusts and buttons to flatter women of all sizes. This versatile and absorbent cover-up can be worn around the hips, waist or chest. Colorful print designs on both sides give women a beach towel and cover-up combo that gets noticed.


simple sarongs

4. Refresh-a-Baby

A beach bag necessity! Refresh-a-Baby turns ordinary water bottles into baby bottles keeping baby happy anywhere, anytime making feeding time easy for moms and dads! Simply pop the leak free Refresh-a-Baby on a water bottle of your choice, just add baby formula, and baby is ready to be hydrated.


refresh a baby

5. SwimZip

SwimZip swimwear is the brand parents trust for stylish kid swimsuits with fantastic UPF 50+ sun protection. SwimZip UV swimwear makes award winning baby swimsuits, toddler bathing suits, and child swimwear. Parents love SwimZip’s signature full length zipper on its rash guard swim shirts, which make them incredibly easy to put-on and take-off. Whether it is ruffles, bows, flowers, polka dots, or adorable patterns, award winning SwimZip swimwear has the look that toddlers and parents love. Seen on the children of celebrities, on Shark Tank, and sold around the world, SwimZip makes stylish UV sun protection swimwear a zip!


wimZip 2013

6. Eyes Cream Shades

Eyes Cream Shades is a leader in providing quality sunwear for kids ages six months and above. As everyone knows, sunglasses are not “toys” or novelty items, but serve an important health function: protecting precious eyes. All Eyes Cream frames are fashion forward, comfortable, as well as durable; and all lenses are polycarbonate and provide 100% UVA & UVB protection. Many celebrity moms and dads sport their little ones in the Eyes Cream Shades brand.


sun glasses

7. Sand Gone

Sand Gone is a dry powder that when applied to sandy parts of your body removes the sand leaving your skin soft and smooth. Sand Gone is made with all natural ingredients with a coconut fragrance. It works on both wet and dry sand; a must-have for beach goers or after playing in the sand.


SandGone_300ppi (1)

8. Swimlids

Swimlids will change the way you think about a sun hat. The fabric is constructed of UPF 50+ fabric (wet or dry) and the hat will not come off during any summer activity. Swimlids will stay on your head while you cannonball into the pool. If you are an active person and you care about sun protection, Swimlids is the best sun protection hat out there. Swimlids are mom invented and patent pending. Swim. Splash. Play. Protect.


swim lids

Put Your Safety First

Here at Parking Pal we are all about keeping kids safe!  Looks like we aren’t the only ones.  I recently came across a really COOL video for kids all about safety.  It has a very catchy tune.  I actually can’t stop singing the chorus.  My 8 year old watched it and thought it was cute, but I think it would be great to start showing this to kids as a much younger age.   “A song for kids to remind them of all kinds of safety issues they need to be aware of. From chewing their food,crossing the street,playing with matches etc. A fun and entertaining way for parents to reinforce being safe. Great for teachers in the classroom and homeschoolers also.” – Discover and Learn

But they don’t just have safety songs….they have all sorts of educational music for children.  Check out their website here.

discover and learn