By Natalie M. Rosinsky

Discusses the heritage and the customs from the Halloween vacation, besides using witches, ghosts, black cats, bats, pumpkins, and costumes.

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1 in illustration, p. 46); for £100 the notch is as large as the thickness of a thumb, and to distinguish it from that for £1000 it is not straight but curved (no. 2); for £20 it is as large as the thickness of the little finger (no. 3); for £1 it has the breadth of a ripe barleycorn (no. 4); for 1 shilling it is smaller but still large enough to be seen as a notch (no. 5); for 1 penny only a cut is made, with no wood being removed (no. 6); for a half of any of thse units a notch or cut half the length is carved : one cut slantwise, one perpendicular to the edge (nos 7, 8) The highest numbers were carved into the bottom surface (like the notch for £100 in no.

17 Menninger's answer is that he used carvings on a tally stick. The oldest example of tallying so far discovered dates back to paleolithic times. It is a wolf bone found in 1937 in Vestonice (Moravia), shown in Figure 17. The excavations were conducted by Dr Karl Absolon and were particularly interesting because, in addition to the wolf bone, they unearthed a sculptured ivory head of a woman, the earliest human portrait by a paleolithic artist so far discovered . ) long, engraved with fifty-five deeply incised notches.

As a promissory note for his debt the borrower would give the municipal government a tally stick with his personal mark carved on it and the amount of his debt marked on the opposite side. The tesserae were strung on a cord through the holes in their ends (see Figure 25). Several hundred Exchequer tallies, notched wooden sticks used by the British Treasury, were discovered in 1909 during repairs to the Chapel of the Pyx, Westminster Abbey. Documents relating to their use and the rema ins of leather sacks in which the tallies had presumably been kept were also found.

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