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Video based multiparticle 1. Microrheology 31 tracking is particularly well suited to examine cross-correlated motion because several hundred tracers can be imaged simultaneously (Crocker, et al. 2000). In a typical two-particle measurement, roughly one hundred tracers are observed for several hundred seconds at video rate to gather sufficient statistics. Vector displacements of individual tracers are calculated as a function of lag time, τ, and absolute time, t: ∆rα (t ,τ ) = rα (t + τ ) − rα (t ) .

When the particle diameter is comparable to or smaller than the length scale of structures in the medium, the tracers can move within small cavities and their motions are not only a measure of the viscoelastic response, but also of the effect of steric hindrances caused by the cavity walls (Valentine, et al. 2001). A material like agarose is a prime example. Agarose is known to be structurally heterogeneous and consists of a network of fibrous molecules. The elastic modulus of agarose, as measured in a bulk rheometer, is roughly 2700 Pa and too high to measure with a passive microrheological technique.

T. A. 5 m from the center of the beam. The detector is typically positioned at a specific distance from the scattering volume to ensure that the collection area is limited to 1-2 speckles. When larger numbers of speckles are collected with traditional pinhole optics systems, their fluctuations tend to cancel and reduce the overall signal; however, this effect is not observed in fiber coupled systems (Gisler et. , 1995). The detector typically consists of a photomultiplier tube (PMT), which is mounted on the goniometer arm and collects the incoming photons at a specific angle.

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