By Peter Owen

How you can tie and use the entire most respected and functional knots for daily use at paintings, domestic, recreation or play. Unencumbered through knot-tying jargon and technical phrases, this booklet presents uncomplicated, step by step directions and outstandingly transparent line drawings for the knots which could clear up the daily knot wishes of just about all people. Knots comprise: Reef knot, Figure-eight loop, Sheet bend, Fisherman's knot, Uni-knot, Bowline, Clove hitch, Waggoner's hitch, Constrictor knot, and more--even how you can tie a bow tie!

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Mooring small boats. A temporary fastening that requires a quick release— for example, lowering a load. 52 H IGHWAYMAN’S H ITCH > T HE R EALLY U SEFUL L ITTLE B OOK OF K NOTS T YING I NSTRUCTIONS 1 Form an open loop behind the object that you want to tie the knot around. Remember to keep the rope end long enough to be able to complete the knot. open loop rope end second open loop 2 Form a second open loop in front of the object that you want to tie the knot around, and pass this loop through the first loop.

Once tied, the knot ends can be trimmed off for neatness. Although it can be prised undone, it is often simpler to just cut it through the diagonal. S UGGESTED U SES For fixing together cross-pieces of wood, bamboo, etc. For securely fixing objects to another object—for example, skis or bikes to a luggage rack. As a way of securing or joining parts of a temporary outdoor structure—for example, an emergency overnight shelter.

As the line tightens, the final knot will form. > 42 U NI -K NOT T HE R EALLY U SEFUL L ITTLE B OOK OF K NOTS D OUBLE U NI- K NOT 1 first line 2 3 4 second line The double uni-knot is used to join two lines together. Lay the two lines side by side and tie a single uni-knot with the first line around the second line (fig. 1). Tighten the first uni-knot and then repeat the process with the second line (fig. 2). With both knots tightened, pull on both lines to start drawing the two knots together (fig.

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