12 Unique and Helpful Products for Children With Autism

12 unique products for children with autism

Parking Pal was excited to be included in an article about products that are useful for children with autism.  http://www.myprgenie.com/view-publication/12-unique-and-helpful-products-for-children-with-autism.  Leave a comment below if you know of other products that would be useful.


Help You Kids to Fall Asleep Naturally With This Essential Oil

final lavender

I have recently become very interested in Essential Oils and the benefits from using them. There is so much to learn about them and to me it seems a little overwhelming. Of course, I’m no expert in the area of essential oils, however, I have found someone that is. Her name is Janine Sanchez and I have asked to to contribute to my blog. Every few weeks she will teach us about a new oil and a few things it can be used for. This week is Lavender. (my personal favorite).

Guest post by Janine Sanchez:

We all know that bedtime can be quite a chore for moms. Lavender oil is great and can help you and your little ones get that much needed rest. Just put a drop on your pillow and 1-3 drops on the bottom of your feet and you will feel calmer and be able to sleep better. Lavender is the most popular and safest essential oil. Lavender can be used topically, aromatically and internally. It helps allergies, anxiety, bites/stings, burns, depression, fevers and mood swings.

To learn more about the many uses of lavender check out this link: http://www.eeoils.me/Oils/Lavender.html

To learn more about essential oils you can connect with Janine below:


If you interested in being a guest blogger, please email info@parkingpalmagnet.com

Win It Wednesday- Accessory Connectz

How can you take plain old flip flops and turn them into something adorable?  With Accessory Connectz of course.  Fun and fashionable!  Works with headbands or flip flops…..and you can win a starter kit.



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Win It Wednesday- Oops Undies


Unisex, short-shorts style waterproof underwear for kids. Made from soft bamboo, these discreet undies look just like regular underwear but have the added bonus of light incontinence protection.

Oops! Undies – waterproof bamboo kids underwear. The perfect stocking stuffer that will have them knowing “Yes I can!”

12 Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe This Holiday

By Kim Estes


The Holidays are here. OK, I said it. Hard to believe but true! The holiday season is often hectic and can be incredibly stressful to many parents. This year, global changes and uncertainty are also factoring into our holiday mood. There are so many things going on around us and often personal safety gets overlooked during this hectic time. However, now is the best time to brush up on safety with your family. There will be lots of interaction with family and friends and new experiences and new places. Now is a great time to practice “what if” scenarios with your kids. Believe it or not, taking time to talk safety with your kids will take some of the anxiety out of your holiday season and theirs.

Here are some great tips on how to stay safe during the holidays.

Safety while shopping:

• Have a designated spot (like a sales counter) to meet at if you get separated.

• Make sure younger kids practice their name, your name and cell phone number

• Remind kids never to leave the store, no matter what!

• Practice identifying “safe grown ups” while you are out and about

• Older kids should always take a friend when going to the mall without and adult

• Remind kids to always check first with you before going anywhere or accepting gifts

• Never leave children unattended in stores, arcades, or playgrounds

Safety at holiday parties:

• Let your child chose who they wish to show affection to. Do not force them to kiss or hug someone. Even if it means hurting Grandma or Uncle Joes feelings. Your child needs to know they have power over their own bodies.

• Check in on your kids when you are at a large gathering or function. Make sure they are doing OK.

• Kids need to check first with a parent before going off with someone at the party (eg. To play video games or watch a movie in the bedroom or leaving the house to go play in the front yard)

• Have each adult at the party take 20 minute “shifts” to cruise around and check on the kids to make sure they are all doing OK.

• If someone is making your child uncomfortable (excessive tickling, hugging, wrestling) intervene on your child’s behalf to end the behavior. You child needs to know they have your support and that you are there to protect them, no matter what.

Most of all have a safe and wonderful holiday season!
About the Author: Kim Estes is the owner of Savvy Parents Safe Kids and has worked with parents for over 15 years, educating them on various parenting topics. Kim is a certified prevention educator through the National Security Alliance, the Kid Safe Network and is a Darkness 2 Light facilitator. As a Child Safety Expert, Kim has appeared on local and national TV and Radio shows, helping to raise awareness on the importance of prevention education. For more information about her work or to schedule a workshops go to: www.savvyparentsafekids

Win It Wednesday Giveaway- Lovey’s All Natural Products

Lovey’s doesn’t claim to be natural and then sneak chemicals in!  It’s Tushi Stick is an ABSOLUTELY all-natural diaper ointment in a stick format, saving parents from messy hands.  Lab tested and inundated with 5 strains of bacteria, the Tushi Stick kills germs naturally and is cloth diaper safe. Best of all, it really WORKS!!!    If you want to prevent diaper rash or help soothe one, try Lovey’s Tushi Stick.  Because no mama wants her baby to suffer the discomfort of diaper rash!

 Lovey’s Tushi Wash – the TRULY natural alternative to chemically laden baby wipes

 No more irritations from baby wipes laden with chemicals.  Used with a moistened reusable wipe at home or a compressed, disposable bamboo cloth when out, the Tushi Wash  spray is a great and safe way to clean baby’s bottom!  I created it for my own son who rashed from EVERY baby wipe on the market, even the ones that marketed themselves as natural and in fact, were not.   My son’s rashes magically disappeared! The worry-free trigger lock makes it perfect to throw in the diaper bag.  Citrusy, fresh scent leaves you feeling happy!

Loveys'_Products_Tushi Wash & Tushi Stick

Win It Wednesday- Flourish

Another Win It Wednesday is here and we are featuring an awesome company called Flourish.  Flourish is a direct sales company that sells all mom invented products.  Moms have the best ideas! Today we are giving away one of the Flourish products- a beverage sleeve insulator.  These make the perfect gift! (Cup not included…color may vary).

beverage sleeve

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Food Fights on Thanksgiving

Guest Blog Post:

If you’re anticipating Thanksgiving with a bit of anticipation, it may be because of the shopping, the

lengthy preparation, or the guests. But if you’re a parent, it could be the fact that your child likely won’t eat anything on the table! Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole-really all kid repellent!

Many parents know that their children are likely to fill up on cheese and crackers from the appetizer table, and not touch a piece of a turkey. Children are not at all tricked by the term sweet potato. To them it doesn’t taste sweet like a donut; it’s still a potato! And roasted vegetables? Where’s the ranch dressing to dip them in.

After years of struggling with my children, I figured out-they aren’t likely to eat much of anything on the table, and especially crazy Aunt Judy’s cucumber Jell-O salad. I am not offended that my children won’t chow down on food they aren’t familiar with, but the relatives who broiled, baked and sautéed for days on end, they may be offended. They don’t understand that for a four year old, dressing is a pretty foreign concept. And a turkey thigh is very far removed from a chicken nugget.

The best advice for any holiday meal is to give you children a myriad of choices on their plate. Try to give them a bit of everything, and set them down at the kids table with an encouraging “please try a bite of everything, you never know what you will like!” Your child may not try everything, heck, they may not try anything! But you put the effort in to introduce them to the feast.

Many times this is the best we can ask for. Children need to see and eat something dozens of times before it’s comfortable for them. For this reason, toddlers and preschoolers are unlikely to eat much of what is presented to them at Thanksgiving. Tell great Aunt Judy, it’s not personal, it’s developmental. And then make up for your thanksgiving clip art kid not eating the scary Jell-O salad and have a second helping. Remember, it’s just one meal. So relax and try not to stress out about it.

Share with us your tips and trick to get your picky eater to try new food at Thanksgiving.