Discipline for a Toddler: Using a Time Out Spot Effectively with Toddlers

Discipline. A word that every mom loves and hates. I know it. As a mom I found that while instilling discipline is tough, a dash of creativity increases the effectiveness immensely. Ahem, that is what led to the invention of the Penalty Pal. Discipline for a toddler, especially, needs to be effective yet gentle, firm yet age-appropriate.

I found using time out spots creatively worked really well when I was disciplining my toddlers.

Here are some ways to use a time out spot when dealing with the little ones:

1. Rotate the Spots if You Have To

While most experts will recommend designating one particular spot for time outs, I respectfully disagree. As a mom who’s constantly juggling things and out-and-about, I sometimes can’t send my toddler to a pre-set time out spot. Say, when I’m at a friend’s house and he just doesn’t stop jumping on the couch or pulling their little girl’s hair. How can I give him a time out there? So, even when we’re at home, we rotate the time out spots by using the Penalty Pal and let them take a time out in the kitchen, the playroom or the yard, even.

2. Discipline for a Toddler Requires Imagination

Toddlers and spots don’t really go well. The running away, the kicking and screaming and the complete meltdown. I can see you nodding! Toddlers find it very hard to sit still in one place or for a certain period of time so keep your time outs short {generally a minute for every year of the child’s age} and make the spot a place from where you can keep an eye on her.

3. Flex Flexibility

With the time out spots and the time out itself, be flexible. Keep in mind any major life changes that your toddler may be going through that may be triggering the disruptive behavior. A move, unfamiliar surroundings, a houseguest or a new sibling are some cases when young kids tend to act out. Keep the duration of the time outs flexible.

Time out spot- 3 tips

Disciplining toddlers may seem overwhelming at times but with the right tools, time out spots and imagination, using discipline for a toddler can be effective and easy. What tips do YOU have? Share with our parent community in the comments below and let’s make this disciplining gig easier for everyone!

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