Top 5 Dangers of Kids and Vehicles- Part 2

Top 5 dangers of kids around vehicles This is part two in our feature of the dangers of kids around vehicles.  To see the top 3 dangers click here.  The 4th danger is Power Windows.  According to “Power windows in automobiles have killed or injured thousands of children. Since 1990 over 50 children have been killed by power windows, with untold numbers of brain injuries and amputations of fingers, etc.; most of them to children age three or younger.” 

 Click on the picture below to see  3 sets of power window controls-the top two are more dangerous and the bottom one is a little safer. 

power window dangers 

The 5th danger of kids and vehicles is Trunk Entrapment!  This simply means kids getting locked in a trunk. says “Sometimes children play in places they shouldn’t, like the trunk of the car. If your child got trapped inside, could he or she get out?”  What a great question….have you talked to your kids about the dangers of trunks?  Maybe you drive and SUV and don’t have a trunk.  But what about when they are at a friends house.   A glow in the dark internal trunk release is now required in all new vehicles with a trunk. You can also purchase a kit and add it to an older model trunk.

Please take a minute to talk to your kids about the dangers around vehicles….it just might save their life.

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