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Mompreneur Monday- Kelley Legler

kelley leglerKelley Legler of Wisconsin is a Mom of 2 (Jack and Bailey) and the creative mom┬ábehind the newest sensory baby blankets on the market. With the vibrant colors of modern fabrics and the different textures of ribbons, your little one is sure to enjoy her product. Legler hand-makes all ribbon TAB baby blankets and puts a lot of love and time into each individual creation. Her blankets are unique since ribbons are hand sewn shut into TABS to prevent tiny fingers from getting intertwined unlike other products on the market. Their products are all about senses – vibrant colors, an assortment of textures in ribbons and two fabrics of Silky Satin top and Minky textured dimple dot fleece back. Baby Jack Blankets employs other moms and local artists with a creative outlet for extra income.

baby jack blankets #2

This business started out as a hobby after Kelley saw how much her son loved to play with ribbons but did not enjoy seeing his fingers caught in the loops. After careful consideration, her mother-in-law, Nancy, and Kelley started sewing ribbons shut into tabs, leaving only one ribbon open as a “link loop” to attach a pacifier clip or toy (toy link included!). These custom ribbon-tab blankets are perfect for baby showers & gifts!

kelly- babyjack blankets
As a business owner and mom of two, Kelley takes pride in creating and making sure each of her creations is of excellent quality. Knowing that her blankets will be soothing kids for years to come brings Kelley boundless joy! “To me, it’s more than just making a blanket, it’s creating comfort for little ones.”
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