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Win It Wednesday- Butibag

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Our uniquely designed butipods will keep your wet wipes moist for months instead of just days!

Each butipod is a soft and durable yet super-flexible and lightweight plastic pouch featuring a SONY DSCcenter zipper for easy wipes dispensing. Not only do they retain moisture in wet wipes of all kinds, they can also keep dry items DRY. Still trying to imagine what they are like? Think of a zipper sandwich bag, make it so thick you can’t tear it with your fingers and then put the zipper right in the middle instead of the end, and there you have it!  Their compact and flexible design also makes them just the right size for holding coupons, receipts, recipes and many other small items.

  • It’s easier to save money by dispensing bulk wipes with butipods.
  • Reusable butipods are environmentally friendly and cut down on packaging waste.
  • Pods do not contain phthalates.
  • Multipurpose pods are the perfect dispenser for make-up wipes, antibacterial wipes and even wipes in your car.

Stop by the butibag website http://www.butibag.com/ to check out all their great products.  Or stop by their facebook page www.facebook.com/butibag and say hi.

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