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Safety Saturday

How many important phone numbers do you have memorized?  How about your kids?  Most of us have the numbers for friends and family  plugged right into our phone.  What if something happens and you want to call the police or fire department, but it’s not a 911 emergency?  Do you know that number?  Do you have the poison control number handy?  If your like most of us, the answer is NO!  Many of us don’t know the important numbers that we should….and our kids definitely don’t know them.  But no worries, we have a simple solution for you!

Final Brown Phone List Final Pink Phone List


Emergency Phone List

We have added an Emergency Phone List to our product line.  It sticks to walls, cupboards and even the fridge.  It is very easy to remove and reposition someplace else.  You write on it with a FINE tip permanent marker.  And don’t worry about making a mistake….easily erasable with 91% alcohol!  No more wasted paper. You, your kids, and the babysitter will always have the important numbers in a handy place.  We have two fun colors and the price is under $5.00. Order now at http://www.parkingpalmagnet.com/All-Products_c_10.html

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