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Lemon Essential Oil- So Many Great Uses

EssentialGuest post by Janine Sanchez:  Lemon essential oil is cold pressed from the rind of lemons. There are so many ways you can use this oil. Personally I use it to keep my body free of gallstones which I suffered with after having my babies. I also use it as a non toxic cleaner for my home! Here are some more uses for Lemon EO: for anxiety, atherosclerosis, bites/stings, blood pressure regulation, brain injury, cold sores, colds, concentration, constipation, depression, digestion, dry throat, dysentery, energizing, exhaustion, fever, flu, furniture polish, gout, greasy/oily hair, grief/sorrow, gum/grease removal, hangovers, heartburn, intestinal parasites, kidney stones, lymphatic cleansing, MRSA, overeating, pancreatitis, post partum depression, stress, tonsillitis and varicose veins. You can use the oil by applying topically, by diffusing or ingesting in water. If you love lemon bars add the lemon oil for the best flavor!

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