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Phone Home

Do you remember being young and having to learn your phone number and address? It was like, a whole big deal at our school. A whole safety week where we made a small village in our gym. It had roads, and trees, and stop signs and I think even little cars. It was AWESOME! And during this safety week, we learned all things ‘Safe’.

– Stranger Danger

– Bike Safety

– Fire Safety

– How-to-cross-the-road Safety

– 911 Safety

This was back when cell phone literally did not exist and we still had a rotary phone. So when we had to learn our phone number, we only had to learn one number. It was THE number to know. I still know it. It is one of the few that I retain in my memory. I have about…..oh three of them there. Our home number, my best friend’s parents number (from when we were children) and my cell phone number. That is it. These are the only phone numbers I remember. Not my husband’s, not my mother’s, not my daughter’s, not my sister’s or my brother’s. I do not know any of my doctor’s phone numbers, or the pharmacy, the dentist or the vet. Do you see what I am trying to say….in the event that I lost my cell phone, or locked it (with my keys) in my car, there would only be one place I could call. Home.

My Safety Saturday tip – give your child(ren) a Home number to call. I am not saying to go out and get a land line if you only use cell phones. But teach them One number that is their Home Base number. If you are a stay at home parent, and you have a land line, you could use that. If you have two working parents, choose one cell phone as a home base. I don’t think there is anything wrong with teaching kids several numbers – home, work, grandma’s or aunt’s – I do believe it is wise to give them a main one to try first. One that gets so embedded into their tiny little sponge-like brains, that they will remember it….forever. Or at least until they stop locking their cell phone AND their keys in their car.