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Don’t Miss the Bus! 4 Tips to Make Your Morning Better

By Guest Blogger Rebecca Rescate

Let’s be real parents. Getting the kids out the door during the school year can be chaotic. At some point we all fall into a routine of raising our voices and frantically rushing. It’s time to tame the madness. Use our four time-tested tips to keep morning mayhem to a minimum.

TIP 1 – Prep the Day Beforehand
When your child gets home from school have them prepare for the following day right away. Provide bus #2your child a simple list of three things they need to do such as pack their lunch, prep their school bag, pick out the next day’s outfit, etc. before allowing them to swing into their evening routine or veg out.

Having your child to get ready for school a day in advance teaches them important lessons in preparedness, priority setting and time management. It also relieves you of the stress and responsibility of doing these things for them at the last minute when they are running late.

TIP 2 – Time Block the Morning
Time blocking is a time-management technique of reserving a segment of time in your day for a certain task. Used by top executives, this technique can be taught to children as young as five.

Review your child’s morning routine and block tasks into bite-size time chunks of 15 minutes. For example, my children’s morning routine takes 45 minutes and they have 15 minutes to get through each set of tasks.
Time Block 1 (15 Minutes) – Get dressed, brush your teeth & hair, make your bed
Time Block 2 (15 Minutes) – Eat breakfast
Time Block 3 (15 Minutes) – Put on shoes, jacket and backpack and go to bus stop
TOTAL – 45 Minutes

(You can always call Delaney Park Dental for any emergency in dental services).

Time-blocking helps children see large tasks as less overwhelming and teaches them to be mindful of time throughout tasks instead of rushing at the end.

TIP 3 – Shift the Clock
It’s time to throw out the credo “never wake a sleeping baby”. Kids look adorable when they are sleeping but don’t let that convince you to give your child 5-10 more minutes of shut-eye and put off the inevitable. Those minutes are the difference between you having a peaceful morning routine or pulling your hair out as they sprint for the bus. If 5-10 minutes of additional sleep are what your childs needs, let it be a sign to shift their bedtime earlier rather than throwing your morning into chaos.

TIP – Morning Priorities Come First
One habit of highly successful people is they do the painful tasks first. If you allow your child to watch TV or play video games in the morning and then scramble at the last minute to get ready for school you are encouraging and teaching them to procrastinate. Set the stage that your child has to be prepared and ready for school before they can kick back. They won’t thank you today but they will when they are in their twenties.

About Rebecca Rescate
Rebecca Rescate is a three-time business owner and mother of three children ages 8, 6 & 5. With her latest venture 3·Purpose Inc., Rescate is pioneering a new category of products, visual products for creative minds. www.3purpose.com

Tips for Improved Work-Life Balance

By Guest Blogger Rebecca Rescate

A healthy work-life balance is achieved when we are mindful of our priorities and time down to the minute. As we enter into October, National Work and Family Month, it is the perfect time to reflect on how we all can achieve a healthier work-life balance. Read our top five tips below to help you strike a better balance in your life.


TIP 1 – Stick to your Priorities.
On a daily basis we take part in high priority and low priority tasks. High priority tasks add great value to our lives and are typically things such as family, work, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, etc. Low priorities add little value to our lives and are typically things such as watching TV, socializing, commuting, etc.
With only 24 hours in a day, it is important to focus the better part of every day on high priority tasks. Reflect on what your top three priorities are this year and write them down. Before you begin a new task categorize it as high or low priority. If your task is not of high priority, consider limiting the time you spend on this task or eliminating it from your schedule altogether.

TIP 2 – Schedule your Week in Advance
Scheduling your week in advance is an essential part of having a healthy work-life balance. Doing so allows you time to visualize your week before it begins, to time block important high priority work into your schedule and to eliminate time wasted between tasks normally spent on planning what to do next.

Taking this high level view of your week not only allows you to be more efficient, it also allows you the opportunity to set aside essential down time for yourself weekly as a reward for your hard work.

TIP 3 – Eliminate the ‘Big Three’ Time Wasters
It is easier to achieve a healthy work-life balance if your days are focused on activities that add value to you. Americans spend on average over 6 hours per day on social media (3.2 hours), watching TV (2.8 hours), and socializing with coworkers (.75 hours). Eliminating these time wasters free your mind and schedule for higher value activities.

TIP 4 – Streamline your Day-to-Day Tasks
Every minute is just as valuable as the last. It is not possible to eliminate every low priority task from your schedule but by streamlining everyday tasks and saving yourself just 15 minutes a day, you can free up 91.25 hours every year!

Where can you save time? Instead of waiting for coffee to brew, set it to auto-brew in advance (time saved – 5 minutes a day). Shorten your beauty routine to 20-minutes (time saved – 30 minutes a day). Double batch your dinner and freeze ½ of it as a meal for another day (time saved – 30 minutes per meal).

TIP 5 – Use Parkinson’s Law to Your Advantage
Parkinson’s law is the adage that work expands to fill the time available for its completion. If you give yourself a day to complete a task, it invariably will take a day to complete. Begin expecting more of yourself in less time from your morning email check to finishing a week-long project in less time.

About National Work and Family Month
National Work and Family Month was created in 2003 to celebrate the progress of employers reducing work-life conflict for employees and creating healthier and more flexible work environments.

About Rebecca Rescate
Rebecca Rescate is a three-time business owner and mother of three children ages 8, 6 & 5. With her latest venture 3·Purpose Inc. Rescate is pioneering a new category of products, visual stationary for creative minds. www.3purpose.com

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Baby Jack Blankets- Best Baby Blankets Around!

This week we are teaming up with another great mom inventor to share her awesome product and offer a giveaway.   Kelley Legler is the mompreneur behind Baby Jack Blankets.…beautiful, soft and sensory stimulating baby blankets.

baby jack #3

Baby Jack Blankets are modern baby tag blankets with a unique process of sewing ribbons shut into Tabs. This patent pending design keeps tiny fingers from getting intertwined.

baby jack #2
Baby Jack has a NEW educational print that teaches kids ABCs, 123s, shapes and colors through sensory play. The blankets even have a Link Loop that has a toy link attached to clip to stroller/car seat/baby carrier!  How cool is that!  This security blanket is sold in upscale boutiques and toy stores throughout the US.
Baby Jack is offering our fans a chance to win 2 14×18 Learning Loveys!

Baby Jack Blanket facebook page. To enter the giveaway for 2 Baby Jack Blankets, visit the Parbaby jack #1


You can learn more about Baby Jack Blankets on their website here or on the Baby Jack Blanket facebook page. To enter the giveaway for 2 Baby Jack Blankets, visit Parking Pal Magnets facebook page.

Mompreneur Monday- Monica Wreede

Create limitless looks with one simple gadget!!

Featured Monday Mom’Preneur: Monica Wreede
moicapicsmall Daughter. Sister. Wife. Mom of three. Friend. Inventor. Designer. Mompreneur. In a nutshell that’s Monica, an Ohio mom of 3 who invented a unique device that makes accessorizing simple, budget friendly & super fun!! While being a children’s clothing & accessory designer for 9 years, Wreede saw a huge demand for embellished flip flops. The idea came to Monica one day while she had noticed many repeat customers that needed a different pair of flip flops with different embellishments. Monica knew she had to design a device that allows the option to interchange accessories to many items so her customers could interchange accessories without being permanent.
Accessory Connectz ® allows one to create limitless looks on flip flops, headbands(plastic & cloth), belts, pet collars & much more! Saving $$ & space in the closet! The clever & stretchy multi-purpose invention supports all accessories out on the market that features a clip or pin backing. Her device acts as a mounting system for attaching accessories to many items!! She also offers interchangeable button~on accessories that work with the product as well!

accessory connectz

Monica says that she has always been creative at heart. Her art work was almost always featured at school art shows and she won many local coloring contests. Wreede never imagined that she would own 2 businesses at the age of 33 that she is truly passionate about! The Boutique Kids was born in 2004 when Monica’s daughter, Kaylin arrived into the world! Wreede’s inspiration for design has stemmed from her daughter over the years. After many years of designing and perfecting her new invention, Accessory Connectz ® was started in Aug. of 2011.

Not only can humans enjoy this wonderful collection, pets can too!!
Monica’s clever invention has been featured in Inventor’s Digest Magazine, Fox News, 2012 winner in the Startup Nation Competition, featured on the Pet Show with Dr. Katy, One of the 3 finalists of “The Next Big Thing” given by The Dallas Market Center, multiple local newspaper features among many other editorials & blog reviews. Monica’s product continues to grow popular within the media & her loyal customers!
Monica’s passion is to design & offer unique interchangeable products that helps save $$ & space in the closet!
Accessory Connectz ® is sold in various stores and online at http://www.accessoryconnectz.com and is available in many different options: flyerfinalnopricing1

Like Accessory Connectz ® on Facebook to be the first to know about our new products, discounts & giveaways!
Accessory Connectz ® are proudly made in the USA!

Mompreneur Monday- Nicole Zoellner

Nizo Wear nursing bras were inspired by the real-life experience of the company’s founder, Nicole head shot reducedZoellner. When Nicole became pregnant with her son, she eagerly read all the materials her doctor had given her about the benefits of breastfeeding. She happily anticipated the feelings of serenity and bonding that nursing promises mother and infant.

Then her baby arrived, and Nicole discovered something distressing: Sometimes, breastfeeding hurts. For her, it was downright agonizing.

After a lot of searching the best advice Nicole could find was to use warm compresses before nursing and cold compresses afterwards.But nobody could give her any tips for how to make the whole compress thing practical!

How do you keep it from shifting around inside your bra? Where are you supposed to get the extra pair of hands to hold everything in place while you’re doing the ten million other things new mothers have to do? Could this feel any more awkward and uncomfortable?

So, Nicole set out to do for other nursing moms what no-one had been able to do for her: provide a practical, comfortable way to get relief from the soreness breastfeeding mothers often experience.

Her design was patented, and Nizo Wear was born.

nursing bra with pocket

All Nizo Wear nursing bras feature a unique patented pocket in the pull down flap that can hold a heating or cooling pack. The pocket acts as a thin barrier between wearer’s skin and the heating and cooling pack, which increases wearer’s comfort and safety. The pocket can also hold removable molded cups or nursing pads.

This innovative design is offered in amazingly soft fabrics that boast flirty designs.

Serenity with removable pad

Not only are our bras functionally fabulous, but they are pretty! Admit it. Most nursing bras you are kind of industrial-looking. Nizo Wear nursing bras are designed to be both functional and pretty. Lace and rhinestones, playful prints, shapely lines, all designed to help you feel stylish and good again. And we know you just want to FEEL GOOD AGAIN!

We almost drove our manufacturer crazy in our search for the perfect fabric, but we’re delighted to offer you a very wearable seamless nursing bra, molded from a remarkably soft microfiber with just enough stretch to feel both comfortable and comforting against your skin.  Nursing picture of Misty

Nizo Wear nursing bras securely holds any warm/cool pack currently on the market. Check out our bras at  http://nizowear.com/ 

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Mompreneur Monday- Romy Taormina

An Interview with Romy Taormina, Co-Founder and Nausea Relief Chief for Psi Bands

Please tell us about your product and how it is unique  Psi Bands - drug-free wristbands for the relief of nausea
Mom-invented and award-winning Psi Bands are stylish acupressure wrist bands for the relief of nausea due to morning sickness, motion sickness, anesthesia and chemotherapy. Psi Bands (pronounced “sigh bands”) are drug- free (do not cause drowsiness or interfere with an unborn baby); available in several fun designs; uniquely adjustable at two areas, around the wrist like a watch and at the acupressure point for personalized comfort and fit; waterproof (wash dishes, shower, snorkel, etc. without waterlogged bands); reusable; and affordable.

What inspired you start this business?
I suffered from terrible morning sickness during my pregnancies and found nausea relief using acupressure wrist bands. However, I was dissatisfied with existing products on the market that were drab and uncomfortable. Seeking more for others who suffer from nausea, I hatched the idea for Psi Bands, a drug-free, stylish and functional alternative to nausea relief. We like to say, “breathe a ‘psi’ of relief!”

What is your biggest challenge?
Our biggest challenge has been cash flow. We have turned away business because of it. This past fall, we secured a LOC which allowed us to move forward with a major drug-store national rollout.

nursery_cbWhat is your biggest achievement?
There have been many joys. Some highlights include: seeing our product on the retail shelf for the first time; landing key national accounts; having a feature in Oprah’s “O” Magazine; winning the Huggies MomInspired Award; and getting an off-site office (I used to have a home-based office) which allows me to better separate between work and family time.

Looking back, is there anything you’d do differently?
I have made my share of mistakes. However, those mistakes were learning opportunities. I think Jessica Herrin of Stella and Dot said it well: “you have to fail your way to success.”

What has been the most rewarding aspect of starting your own business?
Bringing a product to market that makes a measurable improvement in the lives of those who suffer from nausea is, by far, the most rewarding part of my business. It is also fulfilling to know that I am: 1) role modeling for my children by showing them that hard work results in tangible positive outcomes; 2) financially supporting my family; 3) providing meaningful jobs for others; and helping other entrepreneurs along the way.

What’s a typical day in your life like?  SP3
Go go go, just like every mom I know. I am fully immersed in what I do – whether it’s at home or at the office. Because I love what I do, I remain steadfast in my commitments, even during the hurdles. Those are the truest tests. When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

How do you balance motherhood with running your own business?
As a mom and as a businesswoman, I have learned that the only thing you can truly count on is change. I am invested 100% – emotionally, physically, and financially in my business. Additionally, my husband and I have reversed roles – he is now stay-at-home-dad and I am the sole financial provider for my family. I have a responsibility to not only my employees and business partner to make this business a success but I have the large responsibility to provide for my family. As one might imagine, there are aspects of this that are rewarding as well as times that responsibility becomes stressful. Definitely working for myself provides flexibility and for that I am most grateful.

How important is it to you to engage with other entrepreneurs?
I believe very much in the “give, give, get” philosophy – that you get back so much when you give advice and assistance freely. In keeping with that, I co-author a blog, “Both Sides of the Retail Table”, with a former Target buyer, Vanessa Ting, that gives tips on getting and keeping your product on retail store shelves.

What’s your top 3 pieces of advice for those who are looking to start their own business?
1. Don’t let fear or doubt get the best of you.
2. Stay true to yourself and your business.
3. The only way to score is to take a shot.

What’s next for Psi Bands?
By June 2013, Psi Bands will be rolled out into all 7500 CVS/Pharmacy locations in the nation, which brings our total U.S. retail store count to more than 13,000 locations, including: Rite Aid, Babies “R” Us, Whole Foods, REI, and others. We also are working on a new additional unisex design for Psi Bands, which we will release within the next few months. Stay tuned for updates by following us on Twitter, Facebook, or checking out the Psi Bands web site.

Mompreneur Monday- Kelley Legler

kelley leglerKelley Legler of Wisconsin is a Mom of 2 (Jack and Bailey) and the creative mom behind the newest sensory baby blankets on the market. With the vibrant colors of modern fabrics and the different textures of ribbons, your little one is sure to enjoy her product. Legler hand-makes all ribbon TAB baby blankets and puts a lot of love and time into each individual creation. Her blankets are unique since ribbons are hand sewn shut into TABS to prevent tiny fingers from getting intertwined unlike other products on the market. Their products are all about senses – vibrant colors, an assortment of textures in ribbons and two fabrics of Silky Satin top and Minky textured dimple dot fleece back. Baby Jack Blankets employs other moms and local artists with a creative outlet for extra income.

baby jack blankets #2

This business started out as a hobby after Kelley saw how much her son loved to play with ribbons but did not enjoy seeing his fingers caught in the loops. After careful consideration, her mother-in-law, Nancy, and Kelley started sewing ribbons shut into tabs, leaving only one ribbon open as a “link loop” to attach a pacifier clip or toy (toy link included!). These custom ribbon-tab blankets are perfect for baby showers & gifts!

kelly- babyjack blankets
As a business owner and mom of two, Kelley takes pride in creating and making sure each of her creations is of excellent quality. Knowing that her blankets will be soothing kids for years to come brings Kelley boundless joy! “To me, it’s more than just making a blanket, it’s creating comfort for little ones.”
Get 25% off your purchase online with code PARKINGPAL at

Mompreneur Monday- Tiffany Smith

I am a mother of two wonderful children and we spend alot of time at the beach, This means I have seen my share of sand. After years of cleaning sandy children, I discorverwd a little trick to remove sand without water. After a few more years of improving the ingredients, I perfected an all natural, non- toxic powder.

SandGone_300ppi (1)

Sand Gone is a dry powder that when applied to sandy parts of your body removes the sand leaving your sking soft and smooth. Sand Gone comes in a 8 oz container with a powder puff for easy application, it’s all natural with a hint of coconut giving you that triopical island smell.
Sand Gone works on both wet and dry sand it’s like a dry shower when your done with the beach or after playing in the sand box.


Sand Gone is available at www.sandgone.com You may also find the company on Face Book https://www.facebook.com/pages/SAND-GONE/196526751602?fref=ts Twitter https://twitter.com/SANDGONE Pintrest http://pinterest.com/SandBabe7/sand-gone-reviews/



Mompreneur Monday- Annie Pryor


Mompreneur Monday — Annie Pryor

annie pryor

Annie Pryor is a stay-at-home mother of three and the inventor of the Mommy Genius Drying Racks. These kitchen countertop accessories are the perfect place to dry or display just about anything, including baby bibs, dish towels, food-storage bags and bottles. In addition to being incredibly useful, these drying racks are manufactured in the USA!

drying racks


About Annie

Before she had children, Annie earned a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the Ohio State University. Annie attributes her ability to invent to all the years she spent problem-solving in the research lab. Instead of designing and solving problems with lab experiments, Annie now finds creative solutions to problems at home. Her children Jon (8), Katie Scarlett (5), and Michael (2) are a constant source of inspiration.

Annie’s “Aha” Moment
Annie’s “Aha” moment occurred five years ago when she had two young children who both wore bibs during meals. That meant that she had to deal with 6 to 8 food-covered bibs each day! Annie tried putting the bibs in the laundry after each meal, but they would get moldy sitting in the laundry basket. She liked rinse-off bibs, but there was never a good place to put them to dry. There were always wet bibs lying all over the countertop, and the lunch bibs were never dry by dinner. She decided that she needed a convenient place next to the kitchen sink to hang the bibs to dry. Since nothing on the market was right for hanging bibs up to dry, Annie decided to invent a drying rack. With no business, product development, or marketing experience whatsoever, it took her two years to bring her product from idea to reality. She worked during naptime and late at night when everyone was asleep. Annie finally started her company, Mommy Genius, in June 2010 with the launch of her “Bib Drying Rack”.

The Mommy Genius Drying Rack
After a year on the market, Annie tweaked the design of her “Bib Drying Rack” to make it more versatile. The “Mommy Genius Drying Rack” hit the market in December 2011. Not only is it great for drying baby bibs, it is also perfect for dish towels, washcloths, food storage bags, produce bags, icing bags, mugs, rubber gloves, herbs, mittens, and children’s boots. It is also a great display stand for Christmas ornaments and jewelry. The possibilities are endless! The Mommy Genius Drying Rack is available on amazon.

drying rack #2

The Mommy Genius Bottle and Bag Drying Rack
Although, customers loved the Mommy Genius Drying Rack, some people told Annie that they also needed a shorter drying rack for sports water bottles and bags. Taking this feedback very seriously, Annie designed a third drying rack. Her “Mommy Genius Bottle and Bag Drying Rack” just went up for sale in May 2013. It is ideal for just about any bottle including sports water bottles, SodaStream bottles, and baby bottles. It is also perfect for food storage bags, dish towels, washcloths, rubber gloves, mittens, and, yes, even baby bibs. It is also available on amazon.


drying rack #3

In addition to the drying racks, taking care of kids 24/7 has lead Annie to invent several other items that she uses to make her life easier. Annie hopes to bring a few more of her inventions to market in the future.


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Mompreneur Monday- Rebecca Rabson

Becky 2

Rebecca is a mother to two wonderful, but incredibly messy, boys and the mom behind SmartSeat Chair Protectors– waterproof, stain resistant, and machine washable seat covers for upholstered chairs. SmartSeats protect like vinyl covers, but are made from soft, durable fabric that looks nice and is comfortable to sit on.

Rebeca’s “aha” moment came several years ago when her family purchased a new dining room set. She wanted to eat family meals together, but was concerned that her young boys would ruin her new upholstered chairs. She searched for a seat cover that would discreetly protect her upholstery from stains and spills, but she could not find anything that she liked. The only waterproof seat covers that she could find were made from vinyl or plastic. These covers looked unattractive, didn’t stay in place well, and were terribly uncomfortable to sit on. The only alternatives were either full slipcovers that completely changed the look of her chairs or very decorative damask covers that didn’t blend well into her decor.


Amazon amalgam4 Red Cupcake

Determined that there could be a seat cover that was both functional and attractive, Rebecca designed the SmartSeat Chair Protector. SmartSeats provide complete and discreet protection against stains, spills, and everyday wear and tear. The covers have adjustable straps that allow for easy on/off and a flexible sit on most sizes and styles of chairs, including those with side arms and solid backs. They can be thrown into the washing machine or spot cleaned for easy care. SmartSeats are available in five colors designed to complement most dining room and kitchen decor.


Though Rebecca invented the SmartSeat with her young children in mind, she’s since discovered that her seat covers have many unanticipated uses. The covers have been used by nursing homes and by those caring for elder parents or relatives to protect against, not only stains and spills, but also mild incontinence. Additionally, SmartSeats have been used in institutional settings, such as laboratories, offices, schools, and even U.S. Embassies.

SmartSeats are available online at http://www.SmartSeatDiningChairCovers.com. You also can find the company on Pinterest, http://www.pinterest.com/smartseatcover, Facebook, http://www.facebook.com/seatcover, and Twitter, http://www.twitter.com/smartseatcover.