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Earn Money Selling Mom Invented Products

Parking Pal is being sold through a brand new direct sales company called Flourish. Flourish sells all mom invented products, and let me tell you, they are some truly awesome products!  As a mom inventor, I know first hand how hard it is to get your invention into “mass” retail.  Everyone has the same goal when starting out….get into Target, Walmart, or some other big chain store.  What I’ve learned over the years is that it is very easy for the BIG GUYS to put us small guys out of business!  So we try and try and try some more to get the word out about our product, but that’s not very easy!  Until now.  There is a new company called Flourish and it is  AWESOME.  You will find some really unique products that you WON’T see at Target.  But, there is more.  You don’t have to be a mom inventor to be a part of Flourish, you can also sell these great products.  It’s all about moms supporting moms.  Flourish is officially launching this month and they are offering a $49 special.  You get everything you see below:flourish $49

You don’t need any experience in sales because these products SELL THEMSELVES!  Now is a GREAT time to join, because you would be getting in on the ground level.  There are less then 100 consultants in the country.  But, that will be changing fast.  Flourish will soon be  a common name like Mary Kay or Pampered Chef.  Imagine being one of the first consultants for those companies:)

For more info, contact: flourishwithdenise@gmail.com or www.facebook.com/momsflourishwithdenise

Mompreneur Monday- Stacy Harfert

You’ll change over 2,000 diapers in the first year! Save Time with Bobee Diaper & Wipe Dispenser

Featured Monday Mom’Preneur:  Stacy Harfert

Diapers, wipes, pee, powder, poo, clothes,
cream, pail and baby. The circus juggling act of changing a baby happens as Harfert
often as 8 times a day for up to 10 minutes at a time. No Mom will argue that
she easily spends over an hour a day changing and re-changing diapers.
Mastering this skill is a must for any Mom, new or seasoned. It takes
tremendous time and patience to get the motions down and about the time you do,
junior learns to roll over and the dance begins again!  One Mom of two
from Colorado, found herself fed up with it after only a few weeks.

diaper_wipe_dispenser_packagingStacy Harfert set out to find a solution. She was pretty handy with a tool belt and used her knowledge to experiment with all sorts of materials from plexi-glass to cardboard. Eventually, she ended up creating a wall-mounted unit to hold not just the diapers but the wipes too. It struck her as the best solution to less stress. It made it easy to find them, easy to access them and it freed up the changing table space for the rest of her supplies.  A friend noticed how much easier it made changing for her and how quickly she seemed to be able to do it and said she would love to have one too. The idea spread with her Mommy friends and before she knew it she had created a supply and demand problem without ever starting a business.

Did you know you’ll change over 2,000 diapers in the first year! Amazing right. Now there is something that will help you save time and organize your changing table for all those diaper changes.  The Bobee Diaper & Wipe Dispenser is a wall mounted diaper stacker and wipe organizer.

Not only a fantastic time-saving, organizing invention, but also a mom-invented product.


What is so neat about this modern diaper stacker, is it comes white so you decorate it to match your nursery.  There are five colorful decals that come with it so you can mix and match to your nursery room colors.  If you’re planning your nursery for the first time or looking for the perfect baby shower gift, the Bobee Diaper & Wipe Dispenser is a great choice.


Stacy invented the Bobee diaper & wipe dispenser when her son was 18 months old and the second was due any day. She worked out the product details with two little ones in diapers and actually using the product! Award winning and patent pending, Bobee is going strong and the product line has just expanded to include additional color decal options to better color coordinate with baby’s trendy nursery.

Click here for a giveaway Bobee is doing!

Interested in writing a guest blog on children safety topics or other family-friendly topics? If so, email your topic idea to info@parkingpalmagnet.com.




Mompeneur Monday- Stella Rubinshteyn from Tivoli Couture

Surround Your Baby in a Cloud of Comfort

Stella Rubinshteyn is a mom to 3 amazing boys, and the original inventor of the world’s most luxurious stroller seat liner!
Originally from Europe, Stella discovered that in comparison to the European countries, where it’s a common practice to place children inside a stroller lined with a cotton blanket or better yet a buggy liner, American parents place their children on bare stroller upholstery without any lining protection at all. Typical stroller upholstery is not removable or machine washable, and may feel rough on baby’s delicate skin. Considering that children spend so much time in their strollers, it seems logical that they should get proper physical support and the seat should be comfortable, soft and clean: Let’s face it, we’d never consider sleeping on a bare mattress ourselves!
The only stroller liner Stella could find for her son was a traditional white carriage liner with ruffles, something that just would not cut it for her boys. After realizing there was a gap in the market for stylish stroller liners in fun, modern designs and prints, that can coordinate well with any popular stroller brand, Tivoli Couture created its first line of comfortable Luxury Plush stroller liners that would also be reversible for versatility and year round comfort. Soon after, while enjoying her brand new memory foam mattress topper and pillow at home, it occurred to Stella that memory foam would make the perfect padding for a deliciously comfortable stroller liner – prompting a second generation of Luxury NuComfort™ memory foam stroller liners to be born.

organic tivoli couture stroller liner

The new line of memory foam stroller liners garnered an excellent reaction from her family and friends – and most importantly, her children. Stella recognized that the gap in the market she’d discovered was for a product that other moms would love and appreciate too. Within months just from word-of-mouth recommendations, Tivoli Couture stroller liners were in huge demand with some mom and pop boutiques selling close to 100 stroller liners a month! Before long, Stella was on a mission to expand her business by sourcing manufacturers who could fulfill the increased requests.

WeeBabe_Tivoli Couture display

Tivoli Couture stroller liners are made from soft, baby friendly fabric, which coupled with the memory foam padding, means that most children are happy to remain in the stroller for even longer. And this, as we all know, makes for a happier and calmer mom and dad.

What makes Tivoli Couture baby gear so special?
Tivoli Couture  continues to innovate to ensure our products are ahead of trends and new features. For example, our new product – the Classic Luxury™ Memory Foam Stroller Liner – has been upgraded to include reflective trim for night time strolling; we also added useful loops to keep baby’s accessories within reach.

4 strollers_xs

Realizing that baby gear can mount up in price as well as volume, Tivoli Couture is dedicated to creating products that are multi- functional and affordably priced too. Examples of these include: stroller liners that double as changing pads and tummy time mats; the 3 in 1 Mommy’s Hug™ weather cover which can be used with any baby carrier, stroller or car seat, or even as a portable blanket with a foot pocket; and the Miracle Wrap™ Bunting System which works as a footmuff, blanket, picnic or floor mat, and can even be easily rolled into a pillow! All Tivoli Couture products are built for year-round use and are geared towards helping parents maximize the value of their investments.
Tivoli Couture is inspired by children and focused on the needs of its customers. The business was built through word-of-mouth and listening to customer feedback and insights – something that Stella values highly and responds to. It’s proven to be a successful formula: Tivoli Couture has thousands of satisfied customers across the world.

Tivoli Name:
Tivoli: originally an ancient town located in the Lazio region of central Italy, founded a few centuries before Rome. Also reads “I Lov It” backwards. In 1987 as a teenage child, Stella and her family immigrated from the former Soviet Union to the United States. On her journey to America, Stella and her mom visited several Italian cities, including Tivoli. Many years later, Stella with her husband coincidentally purchased a home on Tivoli Court. This inspired Stella to name her new company Tivoli.
Tivoli Couture is an award winning baby gear and accessories company. The Company’s tag line ‘Practical Luxury’ sums up its mission: To create innovative and expertly functional items, which offer everyday luxury, at an accessible price.

Checkout Tivoli Couture store locator page for a store near you: http://tivolicouture.com/index.php/store-locator
For wholesale inquiries, please visit: http://tivolicouture.com/index.php/wholesale